Our child does not want to dress. 

A morning like every day. You have 5 minutes to leave the house. In a moment you will be late and your baby is still in pyjamas. He’s hysterical and does not want to get dressed. You just found out that those lovely blue pants and yellow T-shirts you recently bought are ugly and uncomfortable.

The ideas and ways to bribe the little dictator are over.

What to do? We all know such situations.

There are several ways to deal with this.

The most important, necessary quality of every mother and father in the process of raising children are three things: consistency, consistency and consistency in action. But consistency alone is not enough.

Today, one of the ways to help convince your child to dress efficiently.

A way to be a champion.

Most children (adults as well) like competition. We often get tricked by our supervisor at work or a colleague during a match, when they say to us: you will not be able to make a plan, or you will not be able to score the next point. Since it works for us adults, it will also help children.

The next time in the morning, take the timer from the kitchen to the baby’s room and tell your child that he probably won’t have time to dress in 10 minutes as the masters do.

Sometimes there is also another reason for the reluctance of a child to dress. We must remember that the clothes should be comfortable and not restrict the child’s movements. It is important to pay attention to the tags, buttons, belts and rubber bands. All these elements can make a child uncomfortable.